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America's Role in Asia: Asian and American Views

This report from the Asia Foundation Commissioned Task Force on America's Role in Asia analyzes key problems in U.S.-Asian relations and offers recommendations to the new administration and Congress on Asia policy. Composed of thirty leading policymakers and scholars, the Task Force evaluates current U.S. policies on Asian security, economics and trade, and democracy and human rights in light of U.S. interests and the role of the United States in the post-cold war world. It recommends immediate steps the United States must take to pursue policy goals in Asia, and measures to improve mid- to long-term relations. Special attention is given to the impact of political and social change in both Asia and the United States, and to the domestic considerations that drive policy on both sides.

Asian views of America’s role in Asia 2008: An overview
The US Role in Northeast Asia
The United States and Southeast Asia
The US Role in South Asia
American overview: Asian policy challenges for the next president
US economic policy toward Asia for the incoming administration
America’s role in engaging with Asia’s new regionalism
Energy security in the Asia-Pacific Region and policy for the new US Administration
Asia’s environmental crisis: Why the US should care and what it should do
Reduce, maintain, and enhance: US force structure changes in the Asia-Pacific Region
Alliance relationships
China policy for the next US administration
A moment of opportunity in the Taiwan Strait?
US – Japan relations: What should Washington do?
US relations with the Korean Peninsula: Recommendations for a new administration
Groups think: The challenge of US – ASEAN relations
Countering terrorism in East Asia
US – India relations
Pakistan: Old problems, new answers?
US policy toward Afghanistan
Members of the America’s Role in Asia Working Groups
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