Image of Human Rights Quarterly Volume 37 Number 1 February 2015


Human Rights Quarterly Volume 37 Number 1 February 2015



Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Minorities in Transition: LGBT Rights and Activism in Myanmar
Lynette J. Chua & David Gilbert

China and the Uneasy Case for Universal Human Rights
Jun Zhao

Labor Rights, Material Interests, and Moral Enterpreneurship
Layna Mosley & Lindsay Tello

The Rise and Fall of Human Rights? Searching for Narrative from the Cold War to the 9/11 Era
William I. Hotchcock

Rethinking Human Rights and Culture Through Female Genital Surgeries
Ekaterina Yahyaoui Krivenko

Breivik's Sanity: Terrorism, Mass Murder, & Insanity Defense
Colin Jacobsen & Daniel Maier-Katkin

How Draconian are the Changes to US Asylum Law? A Monthly Time Series Analysis (1990-2010)
Linda Camp Keith, Banks P. Miller, & Jennifer S. Holmes

Who Trusts Local Human Rights Organizations? Evidence from Three World Regions
James Ron & David Crow

Book Review

The Heart of Human Rights, by Allen E. Buchanan
Jill Stauffer

How to Accept German Reparations, by Susan Slyomovics
Rhoda E. Howard-Hassaman

Chains of Justice: The Global Rise of State Institutions for Human Rights, by Sonia Cardenas
Dominique Clement

Redefining Human Rights in the Struggle for Peace and Development, by Terrence E. Paupp
Dustin N. Sharp

The European Court of Human Rights: Implementing Strasbourg's Judgments on Domestic Policy (Dia Anagnostou ed.)
Barbara Miltner

The Endtimes of Human Rights, by Stephen Hopgood
Jean H. Quataert

Sing the Rage: Listening to Anger After Mass Violence, by Sonali Chakravarti
Christopher C. Robinson

Human Rights Under State-Enforced Religious Family Laws in Israel, Egypt, and India, by Yuksel Sezgin
Nadia Latif

Rene Cassin and Human Rights: From the Great War to the Universal Declaration, by Jay Winter & Antoine Prost
David Allen Harvey

Gender, National Security, and Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Perspectives (Margaret L. Sattherwaite & Jayne C. Huckerby eds.)
Sahana Dharmapuri

Understanding Human Rights: Educational Challenges for the Future, by Paula Gerber
Felisa Tibbitts



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A Comparative and International Journal of the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law
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GEN II Human/2015
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Volume 37 Number 1 February 2015
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