Image of Muslim Reform in Southeast Asia: Perspectives from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore


Muslim Reform in Southeast Asia: Perspectives from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore

These six thoughtful papers by specialist academics are revisions of those given at the 2008 Singapore seminar on Muslim Reform in Southeast Asia. Two papers are on the religious context and theories of the Reform movements. Two papers offer perspectives of the different social contexts and dynamics of Reform in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The significant roles played by higher educational institutions in Indonesia are also explored.
Muslim ‘revival’. ‘resurgence’ or ‘reform’ as it is variously known is not peculiar to the modern period. The idea of reform in Muslim societies dates back to pre-modern times. One of the most important revival movements began on the eve of the modern development of Saudia Arabia. In a broad sense, we may define Muslim revival as a social and intellectual movement that seeks to correct what is perceived as wrong or lacking in the social, economic, political and cultural life of Muslims.

• The study of Muslim revival : a general framework / Syed Farid Alatas
• Islamic reform in Southeast Asia : assimilation, continuity and change / Azyumardi Azra
• Religious reform and the controversy surrounding Islamisation in Malaysia / Osman Bakar
• Negotiating reform and social changes in Indonesia / Irfan Abubakar
• Education reform and modernisation in Indonesia : critical reflection on the role of Islamic higher education institutions and pesantren in the making of progressive Islam / Syafiq Hasyim
• The idea of religious reform : perspectives of Singapore Malay-Muslim experiences / Azhar Ibrahim Alwee.


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