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Human Rights and Immigration

Economic interaction has enlarged the international trade in goods and services, but the safe and humane flow of persons across international borders remains a challenge in a State-based model of territorial jurisdictions. Once an immigrant enters a new host country the guarantee of respect for their human rights comes into question. Indeed, the legal and political constructions of inclusion or exclusion of migrants from the political community touch at the very heart of the cosmopolitan spirit of universal human rights.

This book brings together leading experts in the fields of migration and human rights law to examine central problems in the protection of the human rights of migrants. They explain the theoretical background of present issues in the area including, immigrant integration policies in Europe, the social and labour rights of migrants, the conditions and legal frameworks affecting migrant women, asylum seekers and refugees worldwide among many others. It explains in a clear and critical manner the legal and political implications of migration today in the context of an evolving globalized world.

Table of contents
Ruth Rubio-Marín: Introduction
1: Tullio Scovazzi: Human Rights and Immigration at Sea
2: Vincent Chetail: Are Refugee Rights Human Rights? An Unorthodox Questioning of the Relations between Refugee Law and Human Rights Law
3: Michael J. Churgin: The Asylum/Convention Refugee Process in the United States and Canada
4: Alessia Di Pascale: Italy and Unauthorized Migration: Between State Sovereignty and Human Rights Obligations
5: Bernard Ryan and Virginia Mantouvalou: The Labour and Social Rights of Migrants in International Law
6: Ruth Rubio-Marín: Integration in Immigrant Europe: Human Rights at a Crossroads
7: Daniel Thym: Residence as de facto Citizenship? Protection of Long-Term Residence under Article 8 ECHR
8: Siobhán Mullally: Migration, Gender and the Limits of Rights


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