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Globalization, International Law, and Human Rights

This volume analyses human rights in the context of globalization. Focusing on a broad range of human rights themes, it examines the human rights experiences of various countries. The volume covers important contemporary issues such as the relationship between human rights and globalization, climate change, unbridled corporate capitalism, global terrorism, and globalization and its impact on trade, investments, and people's movement. Establishing an interface between good governance and human rights, the work emphasizes the significance of new modern rights such as fundamental right to water. The volume also examines the framework of international legal provisions to deal with human rights violations.

Providing a broad picture of the current and emerging human rights policy framework for the recognition of human rights, it also puts in perspective the conflicting tendencies of modern world towards the persistent struggle for recognizing human rights. With an interesting mix of North and South scholarship on globalization, human rights, and international law, this comprehensive and topical work would be invaluable to lawyers, and teachers, scholars, and students of law, political science, and development studies.

Introduction: International Implications of Globalization on Emerging Notions of Fundamental Human Rights
1: Corporate Human Rights Obligations under Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
2: Globalization, Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic: An Interface between Free Trade and the Right to Culture
3: Freedom of Religion in a Globalized World: The European Experience
4: Globalization, Terrorism and Human Rights: The Mouse that Roared
5: Globalization and Its Effects on the Emerging Jurisprudence on the Right to Education in South Africa and Nigeria
6: The Emergence of the Human Right to Water in a Globalized Scenario and its Implications to International Investment Law
7: Interface between the Third Generation Human Rights and the Good Governance in a Globalized World
8: The Place of Capitalism in the Pursuit of Human Rights in the Globalized Relationships of States
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INT V.900 Addicott / 2012
Penerbit Oxford University Press : New Delhi.,
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xxi, 234 p. ; 23 cm.
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