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The Challenge of Human Rights: Past, Present and Future

The Challenge of Human Rights takes a detailed and exploratory approach to topics across the field of human rights, and seeks to map a path for future research and policy development.
It examines contemporary approaches to established rights, such as the right to peace and the protection against double jeopardy, while also revisiting overlooked or forgotten rights and concepts such as slavery, apartheid and the right to resist, determining the optimal place for those rights in today’s world. The contributing authors outline lacunae in human rights law where rights could be established, from voting rights for under-18s to rights for the dead to cultural and intellectual property rights, and also apply completely new approaches to questions that have troubled human rights advocates for decades.
This innovative book will be essential reading for researchers and practitioners of human rights law, political scientists, historians, and others who have a general interest in the future trajectory of human rights.

Joshua Castellino
David Keane and Yvonne McDermott
1. The Right to a Social and International Order for the Realization of Human Rights: Article 28 of the Universal Declaration and International Cooperation
Josh Curtis and Shane Darcy
2. Freedom from Fear and the Human Right to Peace
William A. Schabas
3. The Universality of War: Jus ad Bellum and the Right to Peace in Non-International Armed Conflicts
Kjell Anderson
4. UNESCO and the Right to Peace
David Keane
5. The Right to Resist Reconsidered
Shannonbrooke Murphy
6. Forensic Science, International Criminal Law and the Duties Towards Persons Killed in War
Éadaoin O’Brien
7. Forgotten Rights: Consequences of the Israeli Occupation of the Golan Heights
Ray Murphy
8. Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity
Leila Nadya Sadat
9. Doublespeak and Double Standards: Does the Jurisprudence on Retrial Following Acquittal under International Criminal Law Spell the End of the Double Jeopardy Rule?
Yvonne McDermott
10. Third World Approaches to International Law and the Ghosts of Apartheid
John Reynolds
11. Exploitation Rebranded: How International Law Sold Slavery as Forced Labour
Nicholas McGeehan
12. Between the Wars – the Refugee Convention of 1933: A Contemporary Analysis
Peter Fitzmaurice
13. Drafter Decision-making in International Human Rights Treaties
Daragh McGreal
14. Free and Fair Elections for Some? The Potential for Voting Rights for Under-18s
Aoife Daly
15. Cultural Rights: A New Era
Majella Ní Chríocháin
16. Intellectual Property: A Human (Not Corporate) Right
Megan M. Carpenter


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GEN I Challenge/2012
Penerbit Edward Elgar : Cheltenham.,
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