Image of Human Rights and Risks in the Digital Era: Globalization and the Effects of Information Technologies


Human Rights and Risks in the Digital Era: Globalization and the Effects of Information Technologies

Table of Contents
Section 1: Balancing and Constructing the New Rights and Freedoms of the Digital Era
Chapter 1: Balancing Digital Freedoms and Digital Liberties
Chapter 2: The "Rights to be Forgotten" in the Era of Social Media and Cloud Computing
Chapter 3: The Rights to Public Privacy under Surveillance: CCTV Technology and the Myth of 'Public Security'
Section 2: Personal Data, Digital Privacy, and Security in the Age of Information
Chapter 4: The Right to Privacy and the Protection of Personal Data in a Digital Era and the Age of Information
Chapter 5: Data Retention and Security in Europe: Towards a New Rights to Digital Privacy
Chapter 6: Assesing the Evaluation of the EC Data Retention Directive
Section 3: Balancing Technologies and Fundamental Rights in the Globalized Public Sphere: ICT Practices
Chapter 7: Private Power and New Media: The Case of the Corporate Suppression of WikiLeaks and its Implications for the Exercise of Fundamental Rights on the Internet
Chapter 8: State Aid Control in the Broadcasting Sector: Has the Right Balance been Struck between Competition and Public Service Broadcasting?
Chapter 9: Biometric Authentication in the Digital Age: Rights, Risks, and Responsibilities
Chapter 10: The Better Part of Valor: Meeting Current Human Needs Online without Compromising Future Selves
Section 4: e-Democracy and e-Governance: Human Rights and the Problem of Social Inclusion in Globalization
Chapter 11: E-Government for Social Inclusion?
Chapter 12: Addressing Social Inclusion via eDemocracy Applications: Which Role for Human Rights?
Chapter 13: Human Rights, the Global War on Transnational Terror, and the Mixed Roles of ICT: A Meta-Analysis
Section 5: Globalization and the Rights of the 'Others': Migration, Cultural Heritage, and Identity Building
Chapter 14: The Concept of the "Other": Migration, Human Rights, and Formalized Identity Building Processes in Europe
Chapter 15: The (Rebuttable) Presumption of the European Union Member State as 'Safe Countries' under the Dublin Regulation
Chapter 16: Cultural Property and Identity Issues in International Law: The Inadequate Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples
Chapter 17: Inequality in the Freedom of Movement in the Union: An Analysis of Roma's Deportation by France


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