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Workers' Rights

Chapter 1: Labor Regulations Worldwide
1. In Brazil, Excessive Labor Regulations Harm Employers and Workers
2. Brazil Needs Stronger Regulation of Domestic Workers
3. In India, More Flexible Labor Regulations Are Needed to Encourage Growth
4. Chile Must Adopt Stronger Workplace Safety Regulations for Mines
5. In Greece, Vacation and Retirement Provisions Are Too Generous
6. American Vacation Policy Is Not Sufficoently Generous
Chapter 2: Unions and Collective Bargaining
1. China Needs Collective Bargaining to Protect Workers' Rights
2. The Erosion of Collective Bargaining Threatens human Rights in the United Kingdom and The World
3. In the United States, Collective Bargaining Harms Workers and Taxpayers
4. South Africa Has Moved Toward Greater Centralization of Trade Unions
5. Canada May Move Toward Weakening Trade Union
6. French Unions Threaten Workers' Well-Being
7. French Unions Protect Workers from Goverment
Chapter 3: Workplace Discrimination
1. Workplace Discrimination Is a Growing Problem in Asia
2. Caste Discrimination in South Asian Communities in the United Kingdom Is a Serious Problem
3. Women in Russia Face Workplace Discrimination
4. In Israel, Arabs Face Workplace Discrimination
Chapter 4: Migrant and Slave Labor
1. Migrant Domestic Workers Face Slave Labor Conditions in Saudi Arabia
2. Germany Is Cracking Down on Migrant Slave Labor in Chinese Restaurants
3. Australian Consumers Should Put Pressure on Slave Labor Employers
4. In Britain, Internships Have Feutures in Common with Slave Labor
5. In Japan, Internships Can Be Valuable or Exploitative
6. Child Sex Trafficking in Malaysia Is a Serious Problem
7. Sex Workers Face Bias in Migration Policies


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Global Viewpoints Series
No. Panggil
INT V.30 Workes/2012
Penerbit Greenhaven Press : Detroit.,
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234 p.; 23 x 16 cm.
INT V.30
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