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The Constitutional Law of Indonesia: A Comprehensive Overview

This book gives a full and enlightening account of the constitutional law of Indonesia. Written by an author who is eminently qualified to expound on this subject, none other than the former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia, this book should prove to be an invaluable reference. It discusses all the key institutions and practices that establish the rule of law in Indonesia. Its detailed study of the development of the Indonesian Constitution gives a useful background for the reader to appreciate the constitutional law as it applies in Indonesia today.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The development of the Indonesian Constitution
Chapter 3 The idea of the sovereignty of the people and parliamentary institutionalization
Chapter 4 The form of Indonesian law products
Chapter 5 The form of state and governmental system
Chapter 6 Regional governance
Chapter 7 Judicial powers
Chapter 8 Human rights, citizenship and immigration
Chapter 9 Political parties and general election
Chapter 10 State finance law


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INA I.10 Asshiddiqie / 2009
Penerbit Sweet & Maxwell Asia : Selangor, Malaysia.,
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li, 751 pages ; 25 cm.
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